Our Favorite Equipment

This is our list of the best equipment to enhance your calisthenics workouts.

Recommended Pull-up Bar

If you are looking to get a pull-up bar this is the bar that is the most similar to the one I use. It's cheap, and will work perfect for all the exercises on this site. In my opinion a pull-up bar is the best piece of exercise equipment you can get.

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Recommended Workout Mat

Working out on the hard floor can be very uncomfortable if not outright unhealthy, do yourself a favour and buy a good exercise mat. This mat is ultra comfortable, durable and easy to clean. I highly recommend it.

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Recommended Weight Vest

A weight vest can increase the difficutly of your calisthenics workouts and help you gain muscle faster. If you are looking for a fun and efficient way to build muscle faster a weight vest might be for you. This weight vest is the best quility for the price that we have found.

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Recommended Massage Gun

If your muscles are staying sore for long periods of time after your workouts a massage gun may be able to help you. Massage guns losen muscles and will help with the aches and pains of working out.

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Budget Workout Bike

Pairing cardio with your calisthenics workouts is extremely important whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle definition, or just improve you over all health. I have found that exercise bikes are a great way to get your daily hit of cardio. This bike is a budget friendly way to improve your cardio at home every day.

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Pro Workout Bike

If you are looking for interactive at home cardio training led by professional this is the bike for you. This exercise bike comes with membership to professionally led cardio classes. If you want extra guidance and value comfort and durability this is the bike for you.

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