10 Minute Bigger Butt Challenge


You have 10 minutes to complete all the exercises listed below. Once you finish an excercise click the complete button and move onto the next one. This challenge is difficult so don't be disappointed if you can't finish it on your first try. Good Luck!

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About the exercise.

What muscles make up the butt?

The butt is made up of three seperate muscles, the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. These three muscles are collectively refered to as the glutes and are responsible for the shape of your butt. They also make up the largest muscle in the human body and have many important functions. If you want a bigger or perkier butt you will want to stengthen these muscles.

Why are the glutes important?

Building the glutes is also important for non-aesthetic reasons. Your butt muscles strengthen your core, stabalize your pelvis and assist in various everyday movements such as walking, jumping, and climbing stairs. Your butt does a lot, but is not often thouroghly engaged by everyday activities. In order to build a bigger butt you will need to perform glutes specific excercises.

How can I get a bigger butt?

Getting a bigger butt is simple. The easiest way to get a bigger butt is to increase your bodies fat percentage. Women tend to gain fat in their thighs and buttocks first whereas men gain fat in their waist first. However a bigger butt and a toned butt are two different things. If you want a toned butt you are going to want to focus on glutes specific excercises such as squats and glutes bridges.

Combining exercise with food that is high in protien is the quickest way to build a bigger butt. You will want to eat foods such as legumes, eggs, salmon, and brown rice. These foods all have a high amount of protien and other nutrients that are great for supporting muscle growth in combination with exercise.

Why choose our 10 minute Bigger Butt excercise

Our 10 minute Bigger Butt challenge is a highly intense exercise that anyone can do at home and with no equipment. It will challenge not only your glutes but also your thighs so you get a thorough lower body workout.

Try to perform the exercises as they are depicted in the gifs. Maintaining proper form is without a doubt more important than the amount of reps you do. Focus on maintaining proper form over everything else. If your form begins to fall apart, stop and take a break.

What does this workout consist of?

During this workout you will perform 4 different exercises which are listed as follows:


The Squat is a quintessential butt workout, it works all of the butt muscles and should be considered the go to butt building workout.

Sumo Squats

Like normal squats, these are a great workout for both the glutes and quads. They focus more on the outer hips.

Glutes bridge

An easy to perform butt building exercise. The glutes bridge is a fantastic way to build butt muscle.

Bent Knee Leg Raises

Sometimes known as donkey kicks this exercise works the quads and glutes and will help you tone your butt quickly.