10 Minute 6-Pack Challenge


You have 10 minutes to complete all the exercises listed below. Once you finish an excercise click the complete button and move onto the next one. This challenge is difficult so don't be disappointed if you can't finish it on your first try. Good Luck!

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About the exercise.

What muscles make up the core?


The area of your body commonly described as the core consists of two muscle groups, the abdominal muscles and the obliques. This 10 minute ab challenge targets both. Contrary to what some think, the abdominal muscles are a single muscle group and are not made up of upper and lower abs. That being said, different parts of the muscle contract when doing different exercises and so it is possible to target the top or bottom of the abs muscle. This set of exercises will help you grow both.


The obliques are the muscle group that are found on either side of the abdominal muscles. They run all the way from the hip to right below the pectoral muscles. Strong obliques will give the appearance of ridges on each side of the chest. These two muscle groups come together to form the core, these two groups of muscles are incredibly important, as their name suggests they are essential to a strong foundation and they stabilize the entire body.

How can I get a six pack?

Getting a six pack can be achieved with two simple steps.

1. Strengthen the core.

2. lower your body fat percentage.

Having strong core muscles is important to getting defined abs. However strong core muscles are only part of the equation. A low body fat percentage allows the abdominal muscles to show, most people can get abs just by losing weight. This is why you often see scrawny people with a six pack.

If you want to get a six pack fast we recommend combining cardio with our 10 minute 6-pack challenge that way you will both lose weight and strengthen your core. This is the quickest way to get a six pack. Do not be discouraged if you are overweight or out of shape, all it takes is consistency and you will develop a six pack.

How long does it take to get a 6-pack?

The amount of time it will take you to get a 6-pack is largely determined by your body fat percentage. For people with a lot of body fat it may take quite some time for a 6-pack to show on their body because they will need to lose a significant amount of fat in order for their abdominal muscles to become visible. People with a low body fat percentage may have a 6-pack already with little to no effot as there is very little fat covering their muscles.

We estimate that almost anyone should be able to get a 6-pack with about 2 months of intense training. You will want to combine our 10 minute 6-pack challenge with lots of cardio exercises such as running, jumping jacks and burpees. This combination of muscle gain and fat loss is the quickest way to a 6-pack.

Why choose our 10 minute 6-pack excercise.

Our 10 minute 6-pack challenge is meant to be a short but highly intense exercise that anyone can do at home and with no equipment. It will challenge not only your abs but also your obliques so you get a thorough core workout.

Try to perform the exercises as they are depicted in the gifs. Maintaining proper form is without a doubt more important than the amount of reps you do. Focus on maintaining proper form over everything else. If your form begins to fall apart stop and take a break.

What does this workout consist of?

During this workout you will perform 6 different exercises which are listed as follows:


Crunches primarily contract the lower part of your abdominal muscles but they also build upper abs.


Air-Bikes work the entirety of the core muscles. The twisting motion preformed during air bikes helps to target the obliques.


The plank is arguably the simplest core workout, however, this doesn't mean it is any less effective. Planks help to build both abs and obliques as well as triceps and shoulders. They are truly a versatile workout.

Leg-Raise Side Plank

This variation on the plank is focused on building obliques. The difficulty can be lowered for those just starting to exercise by lowering the leg or balancing on a forearm instead of a hand.

Spider-Man Crunch

Once again this exercise targets both the abs and obliques. The twisting motion can be exaggerated to make the workout more difficult.

Single Leg Toe Touches

This difficult variation on the sit-up works out both the upper and lower part of the abs. Raising your leg and body evenly is the key to getting the full potential out of this workout.